Understand the course of a transaction

An M&A transaction often represents a significant intervention in a company’s strategic positioning, operations and organisation. The transaction also changes a lot for the shareholders. Our introductory course will help you understand the course of a transactional process, the importance of your company’s equity story, and how you and your company can prepare for the transaction.

When is our introductory course suitable?

Our introductory course is suitable for all decision makers who want to know how a transaction process actually works, where its pitfalls lie and how they can be managed.

Your advantages

With our introductory course, you can make a conscious decision as to whether or when a transaction makes sense for your business and what you need to consider, because you

  • understand the drivers and the timing of a transaction process,
  • know the contextual relationships between the phases of a transaction process,
  • understand the importance of the Equity Story
  • learn which factors you need to pay particular attention to, to achieve a high enterprise value
  • learn what you can do in order to prepare the company for a transaction,
  • find out what makes up appropriate buyers, target companies or investors.

We offer the introductory course to companies on an exclusive basis. Usually managing directors, founders and shareholders take part in the course.

Duration: 8 hour including breaks with snacks and beverages
Location: Berlin or Frankfurt Main

After the course, you will receive a documentation summarising the contents discussed.

Contact: Marta Führich | +49 (0)30 81 82 97 60 | mf@goodpoint.fellows.de