Realise the enterprise value in an M&A transaction

We support you in the acquisition and sale of companies, fundraising, management buyout, spin-off and company succession. In doing so, we manage the entire process from the preparation of the transaction documentation to the final negotiations.

When are our services suitable?

In principle, our services are suitable for all types of M&A transactions. Our focus is on a transaction volume of up to EUR 50 million.

Your advantages

Through our expertise, we enable you to

  • achieve the highest possible enterprise value,
  • gain suitable strategic partners or financial investors,
  • possibly additionally increase the enterprise value during the transaction process,
  • pursue any value enhancement measures after completion of the M&A transaction.

In the interests of the company, we like to think beyond what exists and, in addition to the financial and strategic fit, always pay attention to the cultural fit.

What we do:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Analysing the goals of the M&A transaction
  • Preparing an indicative DCF valuation (at request an extended indicative valuation)
  • Developing the equity story
  • Preparing the transaction documents, e.g. teaser, information memorandum, factbook and business plan
  • Support in overcoming potential transaction challenges

Step 2: Approaching potential buyers, target companies or investors

  • Researching potential target companies, buyers or investors (longlist)
  • Down-selecting the parties to be contacted (shortlist)
  • Against signed confidentiality agreement sending out the transaction documents to interested parties
  • Analysing and negotiating non-binding offers
  • Coordinating further communication with respect to the parties

Step 3: Due diligence and preparation for the time after the transaction

  • Collecting and preparing the necessary documents for due diligence
  • Preparing the Q&A sessions and management presentations
  • Coordinating of and supporting in the whole due diligence process

Step 4: Signing

  • Preparing the transaction structure in close coordination with your lawyer and tax advisor
  • Supporting in the negotiations until the signing of the contracts
  • At request supporting in the internal and external communication and assisting in the preparation of the integration


So that you can get a good picture of the process, the expectations of the involved parties and the specific aspects that are important for your company before a possible transaction, we offer you our introductory course for M&A transactions.

Contact: Marta Führich | +49 (0)30 81 82 97 60 | mf@goodpoint.fellows.de