the compact programme: increasing and realising the enterprise value in an orchestrated process

We have developed the programme “MAKeR” for all companies that want to carry out an M&A transaction in the medium term, but want to manage risks or rise potentials in advance in order to achieve a higher company valuation in the subsequent M&A transaction.

When are our service suitable?

„MAKeR” represents preparatory measures that are geared to desired Key Results (KeR) as well as the subsequent realisation of the M&A transaction (MA). The programme is the result of our many years of experience in M&A advisory and strategy consulting as well as personnel and organisational development. Consistent communication is an integral part of “MAKeR”. The programme is suitable for all companies that want to run active buy & build, want to secure company succession, seek a portfolio exit or fundraising. Especially in times of economic downturn, the programme can be used to specifically adapt or realign the company so that the company’s value can be realised in the upswing phase.

Your advantages

Your company can benefit from „MAKeR“ in many ways:

  • sustainable increase in enterprise value
  • sound decision-making basis for an M&A transaction
  • efficient preparation and efficient implementation of the M&A process to achieve the highest possible company valuation
  • after the transaction is before the transaction – by buying or selling valuable companies, you position yourself as a competent partner for future M&A transactions

What we do:

The individual steps of the compact programme are partly carried out in parallel and closely coordinated. The individual components are described in detail under “KeR” and “MA”:

Step 1: Increase the enterprise value prior to the M&A transaction (KeR)

  • Start with the extended company valuation to uncover potentials and risks
  • Define Key Results for consistent understanding of the transaction objectives and their prioritisation
  • Coordinate and implement measures to achieve Key Results
  • Measure the success of the action and decision on the starting point of the transaction

Step 2: Perform the M&A Transaction (MA)

  • Finalise equity story, support with data and prepare transaction documents
  • Identify and select potential target parties (potential buyers, sellers, investors)
  • Address target parties and win them with the help of the equity story and transaction documents
  • Perform due diligence
  • Negotiate and sign the contract

M&A Entry

So that you can get a good picture of the process, the expectations of the involved parties and the specific aspects that are important for your company before a possible transaction, we offer you our introductory course for M&A transactions.

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