Actively involve the organisation in increasing enterprise value

There are many management methods that can help to develop and implement strategic measures. However, the OKR method is particularly effective in our experience. OKR stands for Objectives & Key Results and is a collaboration and coordination method that allows agile company-wide goals to be aligned, implemented and measured at the company, team and employee levels. Compared with other methods, it has the advantage that all employees consistently work on the common goals through the traceability and transparency of the measures and decisions. Endless meetings without results are a thing of the past, as are strategy papers that are obsolete after 6 months.

When are our services suitable?

OKR is suitable for all companies that have to adapt to constantly changing conditions, that want to meet changes with innovation and that want to work in a purposeful and success-oriented manner.

Your advantages:

In order to succeed in the introduction of OKR in parallel to the operational business, we have developed a streamlined implementation process. Our process does not require lengthy training and complex tools. Instead, we integrate your organisation step by step, creating positive momentum. As a result, the positive effects of OKR are firmly anchored in your organisation:

  • the company goals and own responsibilities are known to all
  • all work systematically and consistently to achieve the goals
  • operational and strategic measures are implemented stringently
  • resources are used in a more focused way
  • successes become measurable and transparent
  • internal and external communication is significantly improved
  • enterprise value is increased

What we do:

Step 1: Determining the starting point

  • Recording of the goals of the shareholders and management
  • Understanding how the organisation is currently structured and functioning
  • Planning of the OKR implementation

Step 2: Definition of vision and mission

  • Checking the current vision and mission
  • Adjusting or redefining of the vision and mission

Step 3: Implementation of OKR in the organisation

  • Introducing OKR in a way tailored to your organisation
  • Checking of the processes for adjustment requirements
  • Supporting the development of suitable metrics


We offer the introductory course to companies on an exclusive basis. Usually managing directors, founders, shareholders and HR responsibles take part in the course.

The participants understand

  • what advantages OKR could have for their company,
  • what impact OKR could have on the enterprise value,
  • how OKR works,
  • how OKR is being implemented,
  • what challenges an OKR implementation could be related with,
  • which rules should be followed and which not,
  • how the organisation can be prepared for the OKR implementation.

Duration: 8 hour including breaks with snacks and beverages
Location: Berlin or Frankfurt Main

After the course, you will receive a documentation summarising the contents discussed.

Contact: Janet Lemcke | +49 (0)30 81 82 97 61 | jl@goodpoint.fellows.de