Key Results

Specifically increase the enterprise value

To specifically increase your enterprise value, we focus on actions and tools that lead to Key Results (KeR) in value enhancement, so that your figures, your organisation and your employees will be convincing in the market context. One of the instruments we use is OKR.

When are our services suitable?

Our services are suitable for all companies that are facing changes or have to assert themselves in a dynamic market environment. They are suitable if you are facing an M&A transaction, want to prepare for it in the medium term, or improve your company’s position. Even in periods of economic downturn, “Key Results” can be used to specifically adjust or realign the company so that it can significantly increase its enterprise value.

Your advantages

Through our pooling of expertise from transaction and strategy consulting as well as personnel and organisational development, we ensure that the measures

  • are accepted and supported by your stakeholders
  • are sustainable and due diligence-proof
  • make your company more interesting for customers, talent, strategic partners and investors, also with regard to later measures
  • are implemented in a resource-friendly way.

What we do:

Step 1: Extended indicative valuation

  • Preparing the extended indicative valuation of your company in order to measure the starting point
  • Identifying the factors driving the valuation

Step 2: Definition of the targeted Key Results

  • Defining the goals of the shareholders and the company
  • Developing the Key Results that your company should fulfil in the future

Step 3: Coordination and implementation of measures

Individual measures are coordinated and implemented in order to realise the desired Key Results. The measures always take into account the entire context of your company and may include:

  • Adaptation or development of vision, mission and strategy
  • Preparation of business plans with integrated planning of the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Business modelling
  • Support in restructuring measures
  • Planning and support for organisational development measures
  • Strategic talent development, e.g. second management level
  • Introduction of tools for active involvement of employees in the implementation of vision, mission and strategy, e.g. OKR
  • Support in optimising cross-functional workflows
  • Adaptation or development of communication strategies
  • Development of tools or measures for continuous monitoring

When coordinating and implementing the measures, we are happy to work together with your specialist advisors or with our fellows.

Step 4: Measuring the results

  • Measuring the progress of the enterprise value and of the Key Results which is also providing a good basis for deciding whether or when to start an M&A transaction

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