Knowing the enterprise value

Whether you’re planning an M&A transaction or wanting to make your business more competitive: a business valuation is a critical tool to understand the status of your business and define future action. We have extended the classic DCF method with stakeholder components, so that in addition to the company value, you also receive concrete suggestions for action to increase it.


Our extended company valuation is suitable for all companies who want to know how they would be valued by third parties. At the same time, it is a good starting point for measures to increase the enterprise value, for company acquisitions, company sales, fundraisings, spin-offs, as well as business succession initiatives.

Your advantages

In addition to financial figures, our extended company valuation also includes stakeholder-specific and organisational factors such as employee turnover, organisational innovation and customer strength. Thereby you get to know

  • how your company would be rated today from a third party’ standpoint,
  • which factors most affect your enterprise value,
  • what you can do to increase enterprise value,
  • how M&A transactions could increase shareholder value.

Of course, our valuation report is also ideally suited as a basis for your corporate planning as well as for discussions with banks and investors.

What we do:

Step 1: Data collection

  • Collecting figures, facts and data on the basis of documents, a questionnaire and specific interviews

Step 2: Valuation

  • Preparing the indicative extended valuation of your company based on the collected data by using the DCF method

Step 3: Analysis

  • Presenting the valuation report* and discussing the results
  • Discussing specific options to increase the enterprise value

*Please note that the report is not an expert opinion, but is a good basis for such.

Contact: Marta Führich | +49 (0)30 81 82 97 60 | mf@goodpoint.fellows.de